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Bring Rubber & Weather Strip Analysis to the Design Process

Usually, Rubber Seal Analysis is difficult.

Large deformation, material non-linearity and contact are demanding influencing factors that can be handled by experienced engineering in a late stage of product development.

Imagine, this analysis could be carried out 

  • in a very early stage of the design process
  • by the designers themselves

Evaluate Ideas in a very short Time

Do you want to ...
  • complete Rubber Seal Analysis in a few minutes
  • take Variations in Assembly Conditions into Account
  • shorten the Development Period
  • save Costs?

Our Mission

“Designers can complete the most accurate non-linear analysis in a few minutes.”

Nobuei Wakui

Founder and Owner of NewtonWorks Corporation

Early Stage_ADINA + eSeal-1

Your CAE Engineers can focus on other Things

Let our software do the demanding work for you - bring rubber seal / weather strip  analysis to an early stage of design processes and use it more frequently!

Simulation based predictions


Year-long learnings and the transformation of this knowledge into an easy-to-use Software offer a unique possibility:
Bring the non-linear simulation to an early stage of the design process.

Simulation at it's best

In our CAE solutions, we contribute to manufacturing companies by improving their simulation technology and proposing optimal simulation processes for product development.

For all Manufacturing Industries

We provide products and services to customers in all manufacturing industries, including the automotive industry, heavy industry, construction machinery, electrical machinery and robots, chemicals and materials, and civil engineering and construction.

Best Combination

We propose the best CAE systems for our customers based on real product-based simulation tools that combine 1D CAE (MBD) and 3D CAE (FEM).

ADINA & NewtonSuite eSEAL

Powerful Software bundled

By leveraging ADINA's Strengths in nonlinear Analysis and combining it with our Know-How, we provide you a unique Solution.


Non-linear Simulation in Infrastructure Engineering

Perform comprehensive safety and performance studies where reliability and resilience are of critical importance.


Add-on for Rubber Seal and Weather Strip Analysis

Carry out unprecedented simulation-based, very accurate predictions in an early design phase with NewtonSuite eSeal.


Bentley Channel Partner

We concentrate on what we do best - making sophisticated non-linear behaviour easy to apply using intelligent software. Bentley Systems provides us with the powerful basis with ADINA. 
We are constantly working together to simplify our products even further.