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Contract Analysis


Every Day not just a little better

Consistent CAE Support -
from physical Modeling to structural Analysis

Contact us if you need advice on routine and sporadic analyses as well as special analyses such as highly non-linear analyses and analyses to elucidate mechanisms.

Procedure for your Analysis Services

Service procedure-1

Our qualified engineers understand your analysis requirements and carry out the analysis in a short time. This is particularly useful in emergencies when you want to use the results of the analysis immediately (emergency service).

Suitable modelling and high-quality networks are essential for the analysis.

Appropriate network modelling is an important analysis prerequisite for
  • the case analysis,
  • the stress analysis of weld seams and
  • advanced contact analysis.

    Our engineers, who are familiar with such high-quality mesh modelling, can create mesh specifications and also handle the case of mesh creation at the tundish.

We have a computer environment that can handle large-scale analyses and are able to process your large-scale/complex non-linear models. We endeavour to deal with ever larger analysis models in the future.

In collaboration with our domestic and foreign subsidiaries, we have built a system that can handle large volumes of continuous analyses. If the delivery date can be adjusted comparatively, we can also suggest the use of our subsidiaries in India to reduce the unit cost of labour. Our team of experts, from CAD operations to our highly skilled meshing department, provides the resources required for analysis. We are the single point of contact for all deliveries and fulfil the high demands of our Japanese customers.

Working closely with software developers, we also take on the challenge of mechanism-based analyses. We tackle complex problems and share the risk with our customers.