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CAE plays an increasingly important role in the manufacturing industry and has become an indispensable tool in the development process of “Monozukuri” (continuous pursuit of perfection).

However, to use these tools appropriately and effectively, technical expertise and operational expertise are required.

As a CAE specialist, we offer optimal technical advice tailored to your requirements and situation. Together we solve your technical problems based on the experience and achievements we have gained over many years.

Take the shortcut -
use our know-how

  • Technologies required today for simulating analysis
  • From component and assembly-based analysis to the analysis of entire systems
  • Analysis approaches that integrate technologies such as mechanical, electrical (magnetic), aerospace and control.
  • Co-simulation operation technology from analysis with standalone software to co-simulation with a combination of 1D CAE and 3D CAE.
  • Realistic simulation with modeling and boundary conditions that do justice to the product phenomena and the operating environment.
  • Verification of the reliability and validity of the solutions by comparing the numerical results with theory and experiments (V&V).
  • Advising a construction machinery manufacturer on the application of CAE to the entire system.
  • System validation by coupling 1DCAE and 3DFEM for an automotive supplier
  • Collaborative research on CAE application and phenomenon elucidation for multiphysical problems in automotive OEMs
  • Development of methods for fatigue life and crack propagation failure of solders in electrical products, etc.